Our Story

Hello and Welcome!

Thanks for being here!  My name is Henrik Nejezchleb, the owner of My CBD ProShop.  I'm a passionate, life-long cyclist, skateboarder, freediver, skier, motorcyclist, former National Champion, vintage cycling aficionado, and well-known fixture in the Boulder, Colorado cycling scene since the early 1980's

My CBD ProShop is part of Curve Inc.  Curve has been in the sports industry for more than 25 years.  Founded in the early 1990's as Curve Cycling Components by My Father, Vladimir Nejezchleb, and myself, we were there for the mountain bike boom engineering and manufacturing purple anodized parts with the best of them!  For the past 15 years, Curve has been in the custom cycling clothing industry.  It's a family business.  My wife, Patricia Borda, runs the art department, manages production, and generally keeps me in line.  More recently, our latest side hustle is Pandana Multiplex Headwear

So how does this all relate to the CBD business, you ask?  Well, I'm getting there. )  If you do the math, you can probably guess that I am no longer a Spring Chicken.  But like many of us middle-aged athletes, I'm still out there hammering on a (very) regular basis. Trying to stave off the effects of Father Time.  So as the availability of CBD products and their use has become more widespread (particularly in such a cannabis-friendly locale such as Colorado), it became clear that there might be something to this whole CBD thing. 

As needs must, I started using the products myself to help mitigate aches and pains brought on by an intensive training program in preparation for L'Eroica (the annual vintage bicycle Gran Fondo in Italy).  Holy Cow!  This stuff actually works.  But, Holy Cow!  There are a bunch of different brands on the market (and more every day, it seems).  And the claims, extraction techniques, and nomenclature are all over the map.  And to make matters worse, non of this is really regulated by the FDA.  It looks like the Wild West out here!  Snake Oil, anyone?

So I dove in and did some research.  Making phone calls.  Visiting with brands.  Talking to producers, hemp growers, oil refiners, and retailers.  I'm an engineer by education, and I have a deep manufacturing background, so I tried to look at the companies from a scientific and logical standpoint.  I wanted to understand the differences and advantages to each company's approach and their core competence with respect to their hemp based CBD product line. The result?  Well, you're looking at it.  I hope that you'll benefit from my efforts. 

I've gathered a number of reputable CBD brands and selected what I consider to be their best products to help promote an active lifestyle through sports and athletic activity.  I've also included some non-CBD brands that make products that I know work.  First hand. 

I'm my own target market. 

I hope that our approach and our product mix will resonate with you.  If you've got any questions or suggestions, please reach out.  (I've been put in charge of answering the e-mails, too).

Cheers!  And thanks for visiting

Have a fantastic day!

Henrik Nejezchleb

L'Eroica 2018 CBD Oil for Sports Recovery and Active Lifestyle