CBD Information

CBD products are new to the marketplace.  Because industrial hemp (the source plant for all of our CBD products) has only recently been de-criminalized by the US Federal Government, there is not a large amount of data from large scale studies available on it's effects and benefits.  The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has strict guidelines regarding claims by sellers and manufacturers of CBD products.  Anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that there are a number of benefits from CBD products

Everyone is different and your results may vary.  We encourage you to educate yourself regarding CBD products.  Always consult your physician BEFORE embarking on any program involving CBD.  We know that these products work for ourselves (or we wouldn't sell them).  We can make no claims about how they will work for you

My CBD ProShop is very selective about the brands we carry.  We've tried, in good faith, to present the relevant information about the products that we have for sale

Helpful Information About CBD

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More Coming Soon!


The articles and information in the above links are meant to help you draw your own conclusions about CBD and it's role in meeting your own wellness and lifestyle goals.  We are not endorsing the referenced websites, publications, authors, or the information presented therein.  Consult your physician!  You are responsible for you